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Our Services

360° Business Integrated Consultation

Pre-RFP planning

ABA Associates possess skillset and expertise at each stage of business proposal creation including top-level oversight of the proposal effort; overseeing day-to-day development of proposal; administering proposal procedure and gathering relevant information about internal and external factors.

RFP development

ABA Associates saves clients’ considerable time, efforts and financial resources by creating powerful RFP documents that clarify the project scope and needs. By outlining the parameters that help vendor develop a suitable plan and provide a mechanism to frame approach and describe relevant experience to develop an estimate that is reasonable and within budget.

Managing the RFP process

We manage RFP process for our clients including RFP release, managing the proposal due date, written review, oral presentations, final decision and contract award.

Tender and procurement process management

We are capable to provide access to potential suppliers and also to provide a complete turnkey solution to run tenders.

Bidding and responding to tenders

Responding successfully to a tender requires skill and experience, which are time-consuming and costly to acquire, both in terms of resources, lost business and potential damage to one organization's image! Winning the work is an art. To beat the competition, you need a clear strategy and your bid has to make you stand out from the rest. ABA Associates provides skilled resources that can improve chances for development of a winning strategy through understanding of market, the needs of customer, how client’s company can meet them and the likely competition.

Effective negotiations

Planning the negotiation in terms of understanding what our clients really want, essential parties involved, timing of actions, evaluating options, having a plan B, are all central to success. Our team of consultants has considerable hands-on experience on both sides of the negotiation table.

Legal Services

We provide top level legal services for businesses and individuals. Our expert lawyers and counselors hold the highest legal certifications and have years of experience dealing with legal inquiries. They will make sure you understand the legal implications of your circumstances and that your rights are being protected. .

Service delivery management

Most outsourced contracts are complex, bespoke and biased towards the service provider. It can be difficult for most organizations to overcome these barriers and obtain appropriate levels of service at a continuous competitive price. Our impartial experts ensure the integration of systems provided by multiple vendors as well as warranting that the contract delivers the levels of service needed by the client to run its business efficiently, giving value for money from the managed service provider.

IT Strategy and virtual CIO service

Our interim CIOs have skills and experience in specific technology solutions and industries. You can rely on them to get your critical projects delivered on time and within budget. Our virtual IT Strategy and CIO service will ensure that you realize the business benefits you need from your current or future technology systems investments. We focus on strategies and ultimately guide you through tactical decisions, while your in-house teams can concentrate on operational performance.

Supply chain management

Our team of skilled experts brings decades of real world experience to ensure that you are not restricted by your incumbent or potential provider’s accreditation, capabilities, knowledge, lack of flexibility, or solutions that make them the most money! So, your business is able to obtain best services, products and solutions from the right provider, competitively priced and on your terms. ABA Associates ensures that our clients get what they need, not what their suppliers want to sell them.

Change management

The organizations have to flex and change continuously in order to meet new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. The cost and benefits of a change management project need to be measured in the same way as any other investment, whether labeled as Change Management, Business Transformation, Operational Transition, Process Redesign, Rationalization, LEAN or Efficiency Program. The key element is that, if you don’t see a positive return on your investment of time and money, your business is not sustainable in the long run. Our team of professional consultants has the requisite knowledge, exposure and expertise to help you put your projects on a course to realizing the planned benefits, on time and within budget.

Cost reduction

ABA Associates has ability to save our clients’ money on their current spend. This service covers any or all aspects of spend from telecommunications, hardware, software, consultancy and all aspects of external support contracts, right up to complete outsourcing agreements.

Construction contracting

Managing resources and sharing expertise are vital to the successful implementation of any construction project. ABA Associates is supported by hundreds of professionals, including engineers, hydrogeologists/geologists, environmental scientists, safety professionals. Our extensive experience in all civil construction areas allows us to offer clients a full range of services.

Fast-Track Turnkey project management for construction

With a broad vision and commitment, ABA Associates has increased its capabilities of providing Turnkey Management for the client’s projects by adopting state‐of‐the‐art construction technologies, well equipped with modern heavy machinery, latest computer software and best Architect / Civil Engineers.